# [British Aerotow Revival 2022; Competition introduction](https://www.aerotowrevival.com/Introduction) The meet director will be Jamie Sheldon, who is very experienced with aerotow competitions in the US. The event will be held at the former WWII bomber base at Deenethorpe near Corby, away from busy airspace and where the UK air mass becomes continental! The dates are 7-13th May 2022 with practice days scheduled for 4-6th May for those that need to get current with aerotowing again. Places will be strictly limited by the number of tugs and we aim to have five available. If this is the case we will be limited to 50 competitors - so sign up early to save disappointment. Registration opens in December, further details are at www.aerotowrevival.com. A UK based national friendly competition, that includes a Rigid (class 5) Class , Flexwing (Classs 1) and Sport Class. Individual competitions will have winners trophies in all FAI classes that have a minimum of five competitors. There will also be day prizes, not just for task winners but for other good performances. ## Beginners Welcome! If you're not exactly sure what this involves and what happens next. We have a group of people available to support and mentor you. All the information you need should be on the website but as it is written by pilots familiar with the art it may be lacking the detail you require. For anything that is not clear or missing, please ask one of the mentors or organisers. The day before the competition we hold a beginners briefing; if this is your first competition, please may we encourage and ask you to attend that. You may need help with your instruments, getting a retrieve organised, what the rules mean to you, where you need to be when, starting and flying the task, safety signals and actions on radio and in the air, landing out, reporting you are OK, being picked up. The most important thing is to stay safe by avoiding overload or distraction from your flight preparation. ### General advice Look to arrive in good time the afternoon before, this will give you an opportunity to set up camp, meet people, and gently settle into an intially alien world. Competitions are all about being organised and minimising the stress of last minute panics. Before the evening head to wherever registration is happening. Register in person (usually in the corner of the closest pub) with some reliable form of identification, you may then be given goodies e.g. pilot number stickers, important telephone numbers, gift, get details of the party, help with getting waypoints in your instrument. Meet up early for the first briefing, usually 9.00am for 15 - 30 minutes (depending on the weather) sometimes announced by the meethead's horn. You will hear a weather briefing, NOTAM briefing, and anything else organisational. Launches that precede the time of the "start gate" will require pilots to wait: Leave early and you will get zero points. Gliders will try and form into gaggles before then, after which the race begins. On landing, report in as safe to the organisation. Next help your retrieve to find you. Pack quickly and be ready by the side of a road. Even though tired, remember to pack your gear ready for the next day and put everything on charge overnight. Go for beer, chat, chill out, and get ready to do it all again the next day. ## Sport class The aim of the Sport Class is to offer a meaningful competition for pilots with lower performant wings. ## Aims and Composition The aim is to provide a safe, fair and flexible national competition environment for hang glider pilots in which the spirit of sportsmanship between pilots is encouraged. Pilots may compete in either Class 1, Class 5 or Sport class hang gliders. Providing there are a minimum of five pilots competing in a class, trophies will be awarded to that class. The event will be FAI Category 2 competition for both Class 1 (flexwing), Class 5 (rigids) and Sport class. This means that if you have a current FAI Sporting Licence you can earn World Pilot Ranking Scheme (WPRS) points. ## [Local regulations](https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vS0cdgyo5xI92BF_dpHVupQahc5Ogzfvj2rnIoDRTtb6voPvhTfO3suS1B-8VXv5w/pub) The full submission to the FAI provides all the details for the sanctioned competition, including: - Event details - Officials - Programme - Selection and requirements - Entry fee and Services provided - Site - LiveTracking - Scoring - Complaints and protests For the referenced and applicable FAI/CIVL/BHPA documents see the full [Rules](https://www.aerotowrevival.com/Rules/). ## [Registration](https://www.aerotowrevival.com/Registration) Find more details on how to apply for entry and pay the fee in the linked page. ## Eligibility Eligibility after registration for Entry into the competition will be satisfied as soon as possible in accordance with the guidelines set out in the local [rules](https://www.aerotowrevival.com/Rules/): 1. Until 60 days before the start of the competition, 25% of places will be reserved for non-national pilots. 1. Applicants from UK aerotow clubs that have committed to providing aerotow tugs or tug pilots will get 14 days priority for their members to secure registration. 2. Applicants have 1 week to clear payment after registration, else the date of registration will be the date of payment. Places will be allocated in order of registration. 3. Current flying members of the BHPA 4. A minimum BHPA pilot and aerotow environment rating or equivalence to the international Safepro 4 standard. If UK based, members of the BHPA club in the area they usually fly. 5. Non-National applicants must hold a minimum pilot rating of Pilot or its equivalent. For pilots holding a qualification awarded by another nation’s hang gliding association this must be at least equivalent to the international Safepro 4 standard. An FAI IPPI card may be required as proof of this. All non-national pilots must provide proof of 3rd party liability insurance The Officials reserve the right to refuse entry to a pilot, subject to appeal. 6. All non-national pilots must provide proof of 3rd party liability insurance 4. Until you are eligible, you may receive a full refund and can still attend the competition to free fly or be a last minute reserve. Please be patient and as soon as we can confirm your Enry we will let you know. Any questions, please contact the organisers and/or refer to the local [rules](https://www.aerotowrevival.com/Rules/) for clarification. ## [Waypoints and other downloads](https://airtribune.com/aerotowrevival/info/details) Preparatory information for flight planning and setting up instruments before the competition can be found from the [link](https://airtribune.com/aerotowrevival/info/details) and above, look for: Downloads Waypoint files aerotowrevival.UTM.utm aerotowrevival.FS.wpt aerotowrevival.SeeYou.cup aerotowrevival.GPX.gpx aerotowrevival.GoogleEarth.kml aerotowrevival.CompeGPS.wpt ## [Pilot list](https://airtribune.com/aerotowrevival/pilots)